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V1969 or Versace 19.69 cosmetic contact lens is one of the latest products from a company which already owns a strong loyalty at national and international levels. V1969 lens has a high level of quality that is certified by many certificates like ISO,FDA, and GMP.

Why Should you pick V1969?

  • 1. Soft contact lenses manufactured by high quality materials (62% polyhema, 38% water) very thin, no dry eye, infection resistance.
  • 2. Comfort design for almost all users; curvature edge (laser cut), diameter 14.5mm, B.C 8.6, and wide field of vision.
  • 3. Fixed colors ( injected between tow lyres with High transparency technique)
  • 4. Wide range of colors
  • 5. Advanced formulation multipurpose solution with a revolutionary soaking case, ideal for sensitive eyes and no rub.

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