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Lens Cleaning

Lens Cleaning

What is the most common practice when it comes to lens cleaning?

We love to exhale on the lenses and wipe off the fog with shirt sleeves, isn’t it? Maybe you don’t know it yet, but shirttails carry dust particles which are sure to leave scratches and damage the lenses. Moreover, you should not also try using a window clear or vinegar (which is in fact great for cleaning drinking glasses) as it contains chemicals that strip away the lens coatings. This is the reason why particular care is needed when cleaning your lenses. In order to get the best and safest results, you need dedicated lens cleaning solutions. Just a few drops of a solution over the lenses and drying them with a clean, soft cotton cloth can make your lenses look as good as new and also increase their longevity!

Lens Cleaning Solution of i2i Optical

The lens cleaning spray solution of i2i Optical is purely manufactured from natural ingredients and uses a natural effect – “the sparkling effect”. Use it everyday or whenever you need to clean your glasses, and bring the bottle back to us for a FREE refill once the solution gets finished.

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