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Seiko Lens


Why is SEIKO the global leader in lens production? SEIKO adheres to the highest optical quality standards and manufactures the most technologically advanced lens materials. The lenses are extremely light and thin, specially designed to suit all lifestyle choices. In Japanese, ‘SEIKO’ stands for precision and true to its name, SEIKO has delivered every time over the course of 40 years! We, at i2i Optical, are making sure you get to experience the superior SEIKO lenses that can greatly enhance your vision and enrich your life.


Spectacle lenses seem to have a mind of their own. With a few little tips, you can enjoy your SEIKO spectacle lenses for a long time.

  • 1. STORE CAREFULLY: Store your spectacles in a case when not using them. This is the best protection against shocks and scratches.
  • 2. CLEAN WITH WATER: Clean your spectacle lenses with lukewarm water and use a soft cloth to dry them.
  • 3. HARD SURFACE: Never put your spectacles face down on a hard surface. Nor store them together with scratchy things like keys.
  • 4. KEEP THEM COOL: Never expose your spectacle lenses to extremely high temperatures (above 80°C). They are not suitable for sauna or solarium. In other hot places, such as the dashboard or a sunny beach, your lenses can suffer too.
  • 5. CLEAN THEM SOFTLY: Microfibre cloths are perfect for cleaning glasses. They remove dust without greasing or scratching the spectacle lens.
  • 6. BEWARE: Beware your spectacles from dropping on the floor. Even the best hard coat – with which each SEIKO lens is protected – cannot stand such a shock.

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