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Seiko Super Resistant Blue

Seiko Super Resistant Blue

Blue light has become the bane of our eyes these days. But all is not lost and Seiko Super Resistant Blue Light glasses are here to help you out!

Most of our time in the day is being spent in front of digital screens, ranging from our mobiles to our laptops to the tablets and more. These devices have become indispensible objects now. These definitely make life much easier and are a huge source of entertainment too but there is a big downside to these as well. The eyes take the brunt of so much digital pressure on the body.

Such devices emit a harmful radiation which is called the blue light. Whenever you see yourself feeling dry in the eyes or a strained vision or blurry sights or headaches or neck and shoulder pain etc then you should know these to be the effects of the digital devices. There are medicines which do help in correcting such situations but the main cause of the problems is the blue light. Medicines provide short- term solutions but in case you want to search for a long term one then you have to find a way to shield the eyes from those rays. The Seiko Super Resistant Blue Light glasses come in handy at that point.

The artificial rays being emitted from the LED or other digital screens get blocked by these optical lenses. Your visual comfort is the primary concern for the manufacturers of this category of lens. More popularly it is referred to as the ‘computer glasses’ in the corporate and student circles.

Why Seiko Super Resistant Blue Light Glasses?

  • Assures high – contrast vision
  • Reduces the effect of glare from digital screens
  • Reduces the tiredness in eyes
  • Comes with Hard Coat, Super Clean Coat, Reflex Reduction and Antistatic properties

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