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A Look into the Condition Known as Ocular Hypertension

A Look into the Condition Known as Ocular Hypertension

01 Feb, 2022
A Look into the Condition Known as Ocular Hypertension

This condition is also called intraocular pressure (IOP) wherein the pressure of the eyes goes higher than what is normal. If this condition is not treated at the right time, then it can also lead to loss of vision permanently. As per the suggestion of the professionals at the optical shop in Curepipe, people need to be aware of the causes, right detection and simultaneous treatment of ocular hypertension.


Medication – The use of steroids in certain eye drops, asthma medicines and other medications can lead to an increased eye pressure.

Natural Risks

There are some risks which occur naturally, as per the optician in Mauritius like being of age 40 and above, having Hispanic or African American origin, suffering from diabetes or hypertension or those who have a history of ocular hypertension running in the family.

Insufficient Aqueous Production or Improper Drainage

Aqueous is a clear fluid which gets produced by the ciliary body in the eyes. Either its higher content of production or its slower drainage can also trigger IOP.

Trauma to the Eyes

Eye injury or significant trauma to the eyes can also disrupt the process of aqueous production. It is crucial to mention its occurrence when going for eye tests.

Symptoms of this Condition

There are no recognizable symptoms of this condition and people should be aware if they match any of the causes and risk factors mentioned above.


The following tests can be conducted for diagnosing this condition, as per the optometrist at the optical shop in Curepipe:

Visual Field Testing – The peripheral vision gets checked through an automated visual field machine to check for any vision defects.

Optic Nerve Check – The optician in Mauritius recommends this for assessment of any damage.

Visual Acuity – A manual vision test for making an individual read an eye chart which is kept at a particular distance.

There are many other tests which can be conducted as well. Know more about those from optical experts today!

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