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Critical Health Condition Revealed During Routine Eye Check – Up

Critical Health Condition Revealed During Routine Eye Check – Up

08 Apr, 2021
Critical Health Condition Revealed During Routine Eye Check – Up

We, at the best optical store in Mauritius, were completely taken aback when our beloved patron, Sharon came last week for her routine eye check – up. The situation went ahead to become her revelation of a life threatening condition which was budding inside her since quite some time.

So, our optometrist always believes that a deep scanning of the retina should be mandatory in every Routine Eye Check – Up. The optomap ultra – widefield imaging device was a top priority for the store. During his medical school days he had been taught to make full use of available technologies and he has made sure that he used it in his career as well. Optomap is the only advanced technology which is capable to capture 80% of the entire retinal area in just one single image. An undiluted pupil lets the device capture it within the fraction of a second. A small fee is charged by the optometrist in Port Louis from the patients for having the Optomap screening.

The same had been done for our beloved Sharon and that proved to be the most unexpected boon for her. There was no major medical issue in her family tree; however, during the check – up there was a small lesion in her right eye. Upon this observation, she was advised to visit an Ophthalmologist by the Optometrist of the best optical store in Mauritius. Then she remembered seeing tiny flashes of light in her eyes which she had passed off as insignificant and passed off as unnecessary alarm. Upon investigating it appeared that she had an 11 mm wide tumor which was on the last verge. Sharon got the requisite treatment for her situation with radioactive plaque therapy. She could have lost her entire vision and also her life from this situation. What saved her was the routine check up that she appears for without fail.   

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