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Keeping Cataracts Away with Antioxidants

Keeping Cataracts Away with Antioxidants

21 Dec, 2021
Keeping Cataracts Away with Antioxidants

In this latest blog we are discussing about Keeping Cataracts Away with Antioxidants . There are many essential vitamins and nutrients which are required to fight the various troubling signs related to the eyes. Cataract is an age-related eye condition which can lead to blindness and a short surgery is the only way to cure it. However, there are foods which can be included in the diet to reduce the risk of cataracts falling on you early on.

Is Food Capable to Prevent Cataracts?

A complete and healthy diet consisting of whole grains, fruits and many green vegetables helps to keep cataract at bay. Many people feel that cataracts occur if they do not use blue light protection glasses in Mauritius during their young ages while working on digital screens. That is not a correct fact. Fruits and foods which contain vitamins A, C and E along with some more nutrients help in protecting the eyes against this condition. There are many studies which point to the fact that a healthy diet can even prevent cataract formation.

These studies have shown that a diet consisting of high levels of antioxidants is more likely to help in preventing cataract. Similarly, it has been observed and as has been explained by the optometrist at the eyewear store in Mauritius, a diet which is significantly rich in carbohydrates might increase the chances of contracting cataracts. For the overall health as well, it is a better option to avoid too much carbohydrate in the body.

Things to Include

Dark, leafy, green vegetables should be included as these are excellent sources of antioxidants which are good for the eyes. There is calcium and folic acid as well in these which also enable the prevention of cataract.

Reducing levels of sodium in the food is also important. Higher level of salt intake is not good in terms of prevention of cataract. Including fatty fishes is a good option too. Not only is cataract avoided but general vision also improves.

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