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Eyes are the windows to the soul! Unfortunately when looking at some spectacle wearers, you cannot see their eyes clearly because of reflections from the surface of the lenses. These reflections not only look unattractive, but they also affect the vision of the wearer.

SEIKO lenses are all treated with an ‘anti-reflection’ coating. These coatings are so effective that there are virtually no reflection evident on the lenses. In addition, SEIKO applies a scratch resistant hard coat and a water resistant top layer that make your lenses easy to clean. This means that you can continue looking great while having a crystal-clear vision.

Many spectacle wearers find driving at night uncomfortable as glare from oncoming headlights is increased due to reflections on spectacle lenses. SEIKO anti-reflection coatings remove virtually all reflections and make night driving safer and more comfortable.

SEIKO SuperCleanCoat

The performance characteristics and everyday suitability of organic spectacle lenses are substantially enhanced with a high-quality coating. With SEIKO SuperCleanCoat (SCC) your discerning customers will get a top class coating.

All stages of production are continuously monitored and every SEIKO SCC coating is checked thoroughly before dispatch. We stand by that and promise outstanding quality and product properties.


  • Perfectly clear vision through super anti-reflection coating
  • Extremely easy to clean due to SuperCleanCoat
  • Scratch-resistant through organic HardCoat
  • Durable due to SEIKO coating technology

SEIKO SuperResistantCoat

Harder. More robust. More resistant. SEIKO’s premier coating for lenses. With SEIKO SuperResistantCoat (SRC) you can offer your customers an innovative high-tech coat that has excellent performance characteristics and is suitable for all situations.

  • Spectacle lenses that are suitable for everyday use due to a harder and more robust surface
  • Increased satisfaction due to a substantial reduction of wear on the lens surfaces
  • Simple lens cleaning due to the grease and water-repellent effect
  • Ultimate reflex reduction for highest contrast and clear vision
  • The antistatic properties of SRC substantially reduce dust, dirt and other impurities on the spectacle lenses
  • The super anti-reflection coating caters for maximum reflex reduction leading to clear and high-contrast vision with a deep green residual reflex

The different layers of SEIKO SuperResistantCoat:

i) SuperClean


iii)Super anti-reflection coating (AR)


v)High Impact Primer (HIP)

vi)High-grade organic material

SEIKO SuperResistantBlue

Our world is digital. For business and leisure we use several screens such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, PCs, TVs, LCDs and LED displays every day. Therefore, more and more people complain about strained and dry eyes, blurry vision, headaches, tiredness as well as neck and shoulder pain. The new finish SEIKO SuperResistantBlue (SRB) blocks the high energy blue spectral range of digital displays and the artificial light emitted by LEDs. It relieves the wearers’ eyes noticeably and enhances their visual comfort.

Why SEIKO SuperResistantBlue is recommended?

  • Improved high-contrast vision
  • Less glare due to a reduction of blue diffused light
  • More relaxed vision prevents tired eyes
  • Excellent performance characteristics due to HardCoat, SuperCleanCoat, reflex reduction and antistatic properties

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