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Possibility of Sunburn in the Eyes – Optometrists in Port Louis

Possibility of Sunburn in the Eyes – Optometrists in Port Louis

25 Dec, 2021
Possibility of Sunburn in the Eyes - Optometrist in Port Louis

Having sunburned skin is quite a common occurrence. There have been a few instances of scalp burn as well but not many people have heard about the same happening to the eyes. Same as is the case for skin, eyes too get burnt by harmful UV rays when there is too much exposure. These UV rays are invisible and cause damage to the skin and eyes, the condition being called “photokeratitis”. The optometrists in Port Louis states that when the thin outermost layer of the cornea and conjunctiva gets burned, that is when this condition sets in.

It usually takes a few hours after the exposure for the discomfort to begin, same as in the skin issue. The effects last for a day or two and then start fading away gradually. In far more serious cases, the corneal layer gets damaged altogether. At times, in such cases, the nerve endings get exposed and that takes a long time to heal completely.

Common Ways to Contract Eye Sunburn

The optician of Mauritians explains that this condition can happen not only on a hot and sunny day but in snowy areas or near big water bodies too. Skiing or hiking in the snowy mountains are common areas where photokeratitis can infect. It is highly advised to use the correct gear when out in the high mountains. Snow – capped peaks can cause tremendous damage to the eyes.

Symptoms of Sunburned Eyes

After the symptoms kick in a day later, does the patient start understanding the cause, some of which are:

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Blurred vision
  • Increased light sensitivity
  • Headache
  • Watery eyes etc

Treating Sunburned Eyes

This condition passes without medication and some basic home remedies ease the discomfort throughout process, as suggested by the optometrists in Port Louis. Those include:

  • Cold compress on eyes
  • Using artificial tears
  • Darkening the room as much as possible
  • Having paracetamol
  • Not touching or rubbing the eyes at all

Proper sunglasses and other eye gear are enough to ensure the safety of your eyes. Just don’t forget to pack it in.

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