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Reading Glasses vs Prescription Glasses

Reading Glasses vs Prescription Glasses

24 Dec, 2021
Reading Glasses vs Prescription Glasses - Top Optician in Mauritius

There are choices of lenses available in both cases, i.e whether a person needs reading glasses or has presbyopia wherein the user needs glasses both for reading as well as for seeing objects at a distance. The lens that you choose for your glasses should do their job well and should be as comfortable and effective as desired. Your optician at the best optical store in Port Louis can help you in making the correct decision.

What are Reading Glasses?

These are an alternative to prescription glasses and designed for those people who face difficulties in reading. These are mostly available to purchase off the shelf. These have very minor corrective power and the user can decide which one suits her/him the best. The strength usually increases in terms of 0.5 for each level as explained by the optometrist at the sunglasses shop in Mauritius. These have the same power on both the lens.

As the power is the same in both the eyes so it is not a wise choice in case of astigmatism or if different power is needed in both the eyes. These are only suited for nearby vision and should not be used while driving or any other activities happening close-by.

These might cause headaches or strain to the eyes if there is some glitch in these in terms of your vision requirement. It is always a good option to get these customized as per the individual needs to ensure a comfortable vision all through the day.

Why Prescription Lens?

These are prescribed for vision correction by an eye doctor or an optician or an optometrist at the best optical store in Port Louis. These are specific for vision needs. All it takes is a simple eye exam to determine which power lens suits an individual the best.

It varies from person to person and is always better as the vision also gets tested for any other concerns too. Know more about Reading Glasses and Prescription Glasses in Mauritius.

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