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Reasons behind Seeing Eye Floaters – Sunglasses store in Mauritius

Reasons behind Seeing Eye Floaters – Sunglasses store in Mauritius

20 Dec, 2021
Sunglasses store in Mauritius

There are times when we rub our eyes or just randomly start seeing a variety of specks and web-like shapes in front of our eyes. These are called floaters and everyone gets these sometime or the other. There is cause for alarm associated with these and there are very rare cases in which these need medical attention.

How are these formed?

People walking into the sunglasses store in Mauritius often think that it is dust which gets in the eyes and creates those string-like formations. That is not the case though. These are small, vitreous, gel-like particles present between the retina and the eye lens. With age, this vitreous starts dissolving and the particles sometimes start floating at the centre. The actual particles are not even seen, it is the shadow of the particles. Looking directly at a sunny sky or a bright light are the most common triggers for these particles to appear.

When does it get serious?

Despite using eye protective gears like UV glasses or sunglasses or super resistant blue glasses in Mauritius, there are times when these floaters become a serious issue. This happens when floaters are created due to inflammation the back of the eye or tumour in the eye or diabetic retinopathy as well. An unique form of these can also be caused due to migraine headaches.

Calling a doctor

The following instances call for a doctor:

  • A new onset of shapes as floaters
  • Excess amounts of floaters seen
  • Light flashes seen
  • Loss of peripheral vision
  • Pain in the eye with floaters in view

If proper eye safety measures are used as per the instructions of the experts at the sunglasses store in Mauritius then a lot of eye problems can be avoided altogether. However, in case you are still doubtful about the onset of floaters then you should definitely go see a doctor.

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