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Uncertain Causes Behind Dry Eyes | Top Optician in Mauritius

Uncertain Causes Behind Dry Eyes | Top Optician in Mauritius

26 Feb, 2022
Uncertain Causes Behind Dry Eyes | Top Optician in Mauritius

Pollution is a severe problem and no place has been able to keep its effects at bay. This factor plays a role in causing dry eyes and on windy days this becomes a highly discomforting thing. The eyes become itchy and feel like there is no moisture left at all. However, weather and pollution are not the only factors to be causing dry eyes. The optometrists at the Top Optician in Mauritius state that there are other factors too which can cause this. Some of those are:


Some medicines, when consumed, lead to dry eyes as well. Birth control pills, few over-the-counter ones and many prescription drugs also lead to the eyes becoming dry. The production of tears gets affected and no optical lens in Mauritius can help in dealing this situation. Checking the label on the medicines for any possibility of dry eyes is one thing which can be done in this regard.

Using Computers

Currently, the usage of computers or other digital screens cannot be avoided. The whole world is operating on online platforms. This also affects the moisture in the eyes as users do not blink while staring constantly at the screen as is needed to keep the eyes moisturized. It leads to itchiness and while working on computers, it is always advisable to use Seiko super resistant blue light glasses in Mauritius to protect the eyes from the harmful effects of blue rays.

Deficiency in Vitamin Intake

People who do not consume enough fruits and vegetables are prone to vitamin deficiency in their body. Optometrists at the Top Optician in Mauritius say that vegetables like carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes etc go a long way in providing sufficient amounts of vitamin A to the body. Eating them raw is the best way. Fish oil is also useful when it comes to dry eyes.  

Also, in case of dry eye symptoms, it is always better if you can go for an eye examination to some eye specialist.

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