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Vision Screening at Schools | Optical Care by i2i Optical

Vision Screening at Schools | Optical Care by i2i Optical

10 Feb, 2022
Vision Screening at Schools Optical Care by i2i Optical

Eyes are the only windows for all kinds of interactions with the outside world. This learning and interactive process begins from childhood and schools are the places where kids identify any problem with their eyesight.

School Vision Screening

Weak vision is often found to be a major deterrent in the learning process of students in school, as observed by the experts at the eyewear store in Mauritius. Myopia or “nearsightedness” is a very common problem seen in students at schools. If the incoming messages are not clearly rallied to the brain then the learning process suffers.

Vision screening carried out at schools can help in detection of any minor problems where they recommend the students to be taken for a full eye examination by the optometrists at the best optical store in Port Louis.

Effects of Poor Vision on Children

The signs which parents can keep an eye out for to detect any vision problems are:

Lack of Attention in Class

Parents often try to discipline students for being inattentive during classes. However, the dearth in attention might arise from some vision challenges and not necessarily attention deficit disorder. The professionals at the eyewear store in Mauritius have come across many cases of childhood vision disorder which came to the forefront due to the children being inattentive in class.

Assumed Learning Disability

This is a genuine problem in many students and many a times that is assumed to be a reason for poor grades of the students. This problem can very much be caused from any vision disability being faced by the student.


There are times when kids have started misbehaving due to the vision difficulties they face in class and the consequent misunderstanding that they are subjected to.

It’s best to take children for regular eye examination and be careful of their actions in general for any vision-related problems they might be facing.

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